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Are you also planning any other types of fire extinguishers than powder-filled ones?

We do not sell any other versions at the moment, but we are developing them. A fire extinguisher with a foam extinguishing agent will be added to our offer soon. The current Amplla Hussechuck and Shield extinguishers contain the highest quality powder-based extinguishing agent available. We chose this because it is the most versatile type of extinguishing agent for small fires and fires which are just starting to break out.

Do you offer different versions of your fire extinguishers?

Yes. Apart from the two model ranges, i.e. HUSSECHUCK and SHIELD, we also offer 2 versions. These differ in the volume of extinguishing agent they contain. Models labelled with the code P21 have a fire extinguishing capability of 21A, 113B, C and models labelled with the code P34 have a fire extinguishing capability of 34A, 183B, C. The dimensions of all the versions are almost identical. They differ only in weight. The P34 versions are, for example, perfectly suitable for protection of houses. P21 is the ideal choice for flats.

Will people under stress and panicking recognise that this is a fire extinguisher?

Products by Amplla are interesting and different and most users already show an interest in them during normal operations, unlike other fire extinguishers which are overlooked by the user. The fact that the user is already familiar with our fire extinguisher under normal circumstances, vastly increases the likelihood of them knowing where the extinguisher is and how to use it during a crisis. In addition to that, it is clearly labelled with a pictogram in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards. Amplla will make significant efforts to educate people about the design and use of the new fire extinguisher. 

Can Amplla fire extinguishers be used repeatedly?

Fire extinguishers can be used repeatedly, but only if they are properly serviced and maintained between individual cases of repeated use. If the fire extinguisher is drained of extinguishing agent, it becomes non-functional as the extinguishing agent settles on the valve armature, meaning that it is no longer sealed and the fire extinguisher loses its pressure within a few hours. Servicing of used fire extinguishers may only be carried out by persons trained to do so and companies which act as our service partners. We must therefore urge you to ensure that no one tests the fire extinguisher on their own initiative and, above all, that the seal of the fire extinguisher is never broken until an actual fire breaks out.

Do you make the fire extinguisher for left-handed use only?

At this moment in time, the fire extinguisher is designed to be gripped with the left hand only. When moving the fire extinguisher, it can be carried with the grip pointing down. When extinguishing a fire, the grip of the fire extinguisher must be held horizontally (toroid upright, fire extinguisher gripped horizontally). The right hand can also be used to keep the fire extinguisher in its active position. The Amplla fire extinguisher can also be used in the standard way, i.e. with both hands, where the left hand holds the fire extinguisher and operates the valve and the right hand pulls out the hose with the nozzle which it operates.

Will women be able to operate the fire extinguisher?

Definitely. In fact, our studies show that our concept is appreciated by everyone, whatever their sex. Most people are scared of conventional fire extinguishers. But the way our fire extinguishers are used is very intuitive. They are easier to hold and operate than a conventional fire extinguisher. The weight is very similar. Another great advantage can be the additional protection provided by the shield or the fact that the fire extinguisher can be operated with only one hand, both when carrying it and when extinguishing a fire. This gives the user a free hand for opening doors, carrying children, pets or valuables.

Does your fire extinguisher meet all requirements and certifications?

Of course. All products by Amplla have the necessary certifications and meet all the requirements of the applicable standards.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our company manufactures the pressure vessels and assembles the fire extinguishers in our own factory in the Czech Republic. We also manufacture many of the components ourselves in the Czech Republic. This is a Czech patent invented by a Czech designer.

What about equipment inspections?

Requirements for inspection and servicing of the fire extinguisher are based on the legal regulations and standards. The user of the fire extinguisher should carry out a visual inspection of the fire extinguisher every month. A check is carried out by one of our service partners once a year to see that the fire extinguisher is in good working order. Periodic tests are also carried out by service partners once every 5 years for powder fire extinguishers, or once every 3 years for foam fire extinguishers.

What is the lifespan of a fire extinguisher?

Our fire extinguishers have a lifetime of 20 years if they are regularly maintained.

Do the fabric covers have any flame retardant treatment?

Standard fabrics which are monochromatic are self-extinguishing. This of course means increased protection when extinguishing a fire. The multicoloured fabrics which are used for the CUSTOM versions of the shields and are supplied by the MARTHI studio do not have this special protection. But even so, they can withstand exposure to fire when you are actively extinguishing it, i.e. about 10 - 15 seconds. The shield offers great protection, especially against scorching, when opening a door or a bonnet. And, of course, if any debris falls on you.

Is it possible to hang the fire extinguisher on a plasterboard wall?

Yes. Each product comes with a wall bracket which is also suitable for installation on plasterboard walls. However, the correct fasteners (wall plugs or plasterboard anchors) must be used. All our products come with installation instructions in the box. The instructions are also available to download on this website.