I am an architect. I repaired the ruins of the former Lichtenstein castle near Lanškroun, which had burned down three times in the 18th century. Another fire broke out in 2017, and I learned that firefighting is not easy. It is difficult and dangerous.

First, you must decide whether to run away and leave everything to the fire or try to save everything you have been building for years. I chose to save the place; however, like so many others, I never paid attention to the fire extinguishers; they were well hidden. I found it, and it worked. Still, I inhaled the smoke, and the fire’s heat was a formidable adversary. When I now design buildings, I pay even more attention to firefighting technologies. I looked for devices that wouldn’t spoil the intended style, that I wouldn’t have to hide. I couldn’t find anything suitable in the entire world. I contacted the experts and realised that others shared my experience. No one thought about firefighting from an ergonomic point of view. It is very common for people to suffocate in firefighting and when trying to escape from a burning building. In cooperation with the consulted experts, I created a design that reflected my experience and their experience.

After 150 years when fire extinguishers utilised industrial cylinders, we have discovered a solution satisfying all the previously neglected requirements. At the same time, it is an attractive solution. It can adapt to any interior and always remains in sight, always within reach. I have developed, patented and certified the best fire extinguishers in the world that can carry up to 22 improvements and better protect their owners.

I built a workshop where we handcrafted the most beautiful fire extinguishers in the world. Thus, the brand AMPLLA was born; its name deriving from amplification. We are enhancing and amplifying the possibilities of fire extinguishers. They are genuinely trademarked, unique, different and beautiful for the first time.

I will really appreciate it if they become not an accessory but a decoration, the centrepiece of your interiors. And I’ll be even happier if they stay that way and you’re not forced to use them. But when such a challenge strikes, I believe that HUSSECHUCK, or better SHIELD, will save everything you hold dear.

Chairman of the Board